Personal / ESD Grounding

Static Control Wrist Strap / Coil Cord

  • Wide selections with competitive price
  • Available in standard Elastic, Velcro or Metallic Band
  • Coiled wire length 10', 12', 15'


Heel Grounder

  • Ideal for grounding mobile personnel
  • For proper grounding, use on both feet
  • Made with Conductive Rubber with Grounding Ribbon



Dual Station Ground Block

  • Injection Moulded Block
  • Strong and Durable
  • Easy to install with Grounding Lug or Snap Button



Common Point Ground Cord

  • Multiple Grounding Points
  • Use with Standard Banana Plug or Snap Button
  • Available in 6', 10' or 15'



Grounding Cord for ESD Mats

  • Comes with 1 Meg ohm built-in resistor
  • Grounding point with either snap button or cable lug
  • Available in 6 ft. and 12 ft.



Conductive Velcro Belt

  • For use of strapping of trays during transportation
  • Reusable Velcro with metal buckle
  • Conductive Carbon coated
  • Surface Resistivity < 103 - 109 ohms/sq



ESD Coating Solution

Mat & Table Top Cleaner

  • Removes surface dirt on chair mats or other anti-static mats
  • Eliminates unsightly film or other residue that may buildup on static sensitive areas
  • Maintains original surface resistivity of anti-static Mats
  • Contains no alkali or ammonia
  • Designed for cleaning any production area in assembling, testing or handling sensitive electronic components

Static Dissipative Permanent Coating Solution

  • Colourless paint can be applied to a variety of plastic surfaces to guard against static electricity
  • Allows static to dissipate across a surface even down to zero humidity
  • Safe to use, incl. cleanrooms



ESD Spray

  • Applied by spraying, wiping, dipping
  • Meets MIL-B-81705 and NFPA-56A electrostatic decay
  • Non-staining, completely biodegradable and safe to use