Shishido Bar Type Ionizer

Shishido Eliminostat CABX Series Bar Type Ionizer


Shishido CABX Bar Type Ionizer

CABX Main Features

CABX bar type ionizer is powered by Shishido's state of the art HDC-AC technology that provides stable and long-term static elimination capabilities. Shishido has been consistent in designing ionizer that does not require cleaning over very long period of time.

1) 30% increase in capabilities

2) Long-term stability of static elimination capabilities

3) Reduction in emitter pin corrosion

4) Ultra low ozone generation

5) Superior ion balance

6) Minimum flow type nozzle

7) Cleaning timer

8) Different Emitter pin materials to meet various customer requirements

9) Safety features


Different CABX Bar Length Available To Meet Various Application Requirements

Shishido Bar Various Length Options