AGB Series Dry Box With Glove

also called Dry Glove Box / Glove Dry Box

Ambient humidity causes "micro moisture" on ESD material surface and change ESD property of the material; this gives rise to inaccurate results during ESD testing. For this reason ESD Association requires analysis and testing of ESD material to be done in low humidity environment especially at 12%RH to reflect intrinsic property of material under test. We are glad to introduce to you the lowest cost solution to meet ESD material performance testing at low humidity (12% RH) as specified by ESD Association within S20.20 scope. The AGB series Dry Box With Glove (also called Dry Glove Box or Glove Dry Box) allows you to control test environment humidity from 1%RH to 50%RH to fully cover the humidity range specified by ESD Association for ESD material testing.

Simply place your material under test together with your test instruments inside AGB Dry Box and then set the required humidity at control panel of AGB Dry Box. You will be impressed by the rapid drop of humidity inside AGB Dry Box to reach low humidity environment required for your ESD test application. Feel free to contact us for more information about AGB series Dry Box With Glove.