Shishido Field Meter & Charged Plate Monitor

Shishido Statiron DZ4 Electrostatic Field Meter

The new Shishido field meter STATIRON DZ4 is a user friendly ESD auditing instrument at very reasonable price.
- With the unique rotational sensor head, you can measure static field at various angle
- Visible Bright LED measurement distance indication
- Easy operation with simple button
- Mode Indication (Standard, Ion Balance, MAX)
- Optional charged plate allows ion balance measurement for ionizer
- “MAX” mode allows easy capture of peak voltage under varying static voltage condition. 
- Error indication for the damaged sensor

Shishido DP Handheld Charged Plate Monitor

Shishido DP Handheld Charged Plate Monitor

With all-in-one Charged Plate Monitor (CPM) functions, Statitron DP hand held CPM is the single most powerful tool you could have in your palm to evaluate and monitor performance of ionizers. Why carry different instruments like a field meter, a charged plate, a HV charge source and a timer separately when you can just carry one Statiron DP that has all the integrated functions of fieldmeter, charge plate, charger and timer.

Main Features of Statiron DP

  • With all integrated functions to check the offset voltage (ion balance) and decay time of ionizers.
  • Its internal charging circuit can set the charged plate to 1,000V and automatically measures decay time (from 1,000V to 100V).
  • Because it is compact size, it is best for the evaluating and monitoring ionizers at the working area.
  • Shishido's original design idea - Rotary head for a user friendly operation.
  • With Rotary head, Statiron DP allows you to test ionizers installed in production machine without having to dismantle the ionizer.
  • Simple and Easy Operation.
  • Clear and bright big LCD display.