Be It Heavy Duty Wheel Cleaning, Castor Cleaning Or Even Tires Cleaning, ProfilGate Is the Only Working Solution For You !!

 ProfilGate Overview

Dirt transportation from tires, wheels or castors into sensible areas is very often underestimated. First of all the entrance zones will be contaminated and following like vehicles, pallet jacks or trolleys will then spread the dirt further into the production areas. With ProfilGate cleaning grates, dust contamination problems can be eliminated directly at the entrance zones.

ProfilGate is made of heavy duty grates that can withstand load of up to 30 tons ! It is designed with brushes placed inside stainless-steel bins, which collect the brushed off dirt. The particular angle of the special brushes automatically clean all kind of tire treads mechanically when crossing the grates. 


Photos Of ProfilGate Application

ProfilGate Applications


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