• Product


    • Clean Factory Solution
      • ProfilGate

        ProfilGate  The real working solution for heavy duty vehicle wheels cleaning - ProfilGate.

      • Washable Sticky Mat

        Washable Mat Washable Sticky Mat - use and reuse again after wash for up to 2 years and more.

      • Shoes Cleaning Machine

        Shoes Cleaning Machine  SWC Series Shoes Cleaning Machine that adopt wet scrubbing mechanism to effectively clean shoes bottom sole before entering cleanroom.

      • Vacuum Floor Mat

         Vacuum Floor Mat - Unique solution for Indoor Air Quality Control Vacuum Floor Mat

    • Flooring Products
      • Conductive / Static Dissipative Tiles

         We are lowest cost Conductive / Static Dissipative tiles supplier with extensive experience and knowledge to serve your ESD floor tiles requirement.

      • Nora Rubber Floor

        Nora rubber floor  Made in Germany, Nora brand is world renowned anti-slip safety rubber flooring with ESD property.

      • ESD Epoxy Floor Coating

        ESD Epoxy Floor Our ESD Epoxy Floor Coating is the perfect solutions for high physical strength and chemical resistant flooring requirement in ESD Protected Area.

      • Other Flooring Products

         We carry expoxy floor, raised floor and floor maintenance product for booth Cleanroom and ESD Control applications.

    • Equipment Products
      • Shishido Ionizer and Meter

        Shishido Logo Shishido Electrostatic, Ltd. is the provider of Real ESD Solution and New Technology from Japan.

        • Fan Type Ionizer

          Shishido Fan Type Ionizer  Shishido's WINSTAT is a fan type air ionizer developed for the purpose of eliminating static for every industries. As a wide range of product types is offered, the device can be used for various kinds of applications, including the desktop use and for the line use, etc.


        • Nozzle / Gun Type Ionizer

          Shishido Nozzle Type Ionizer Shishido's Piezonizer ZapII is an air nozzle ionizer incorporating an ultra-small-size high-voltage transformer without any high-voltage wiring. Since it operates only on DC power input, its wiring has become much simpler.


        • Bar Type Ionizer

          Shishido Bar Type Ionizer  Shishido's CABX bar type ionizer has unique AC-type high-voltage power supply (patent pending) that makes it compact and able to maintains a stable electrical supply to generate constant ionization.


        • Field Meter / Charged Plate Monitor

          Shishido Field Meter and Charged Plate Monitor  In order to remove static electricity appropriately, it is necessary to know the generating place and the amount of electric charges of static electricity, and measurement of the surface potential of an electrification object is to foundations at it.


        • Static Honestmeter

          Shishido Static Honestmeter  Static Honestmeter meets ISO Standard ISO/WD 18080-1 measurement procedure. It is a perfect instrument to test your product per ISO 18080-1 standard.




      • Body Voltage Meter

        Body Voltage Meter A most cost effective and user friendly handheld tester for STM 97.2 ESD Fooring product qualification.

      • Turnstile / Flap Gate ESD Tester

         We have comprehensive solutions for your requirement in Turnstile / Flap Gate ESD Test. Semi automatic, fully automatic, datalogging, online user database management are just among some of the options you could choose with our Turnstile and Flap Gate ESD Tester.

      • Other Cleanroom Equipments

        See this section for Cleanroom equipment including vacuum cleaner, cabinets, etc. 

      • Other Test Equipments

         Please continue to browse for other Tester and Equipments we have to offer for your ESD Control needs.

    • Cleanroom Products
      • Cleanroom Garments

         Our standard and custom made Cleanroom Garment is the perfect match for cost effective and good performance product.

      • Cleanroom Footwear

         Visit our Cleanroom footwear page for various types and designs of footwear product.

      • Cleanroom Disposable Items

        Browse our Cleanroom Disposable page for products such as shoes cover, head cap, sticky mat, etc.

      • Wipes, Finger Cots, etc.

         We have wide range of wipes, finger cots and other cleanroom consummables for your review.

      • Foam Swabs / PE Swabs

          If you are looking for high quality Cleanroom & ESD Foam Swabs or Polyester Swabs at competitive price, look no further. Our cost effective foam / PE swabs are qualified for used in very stringent area including the very demanding hard disc industries.

      • Gloves

        Find various types of gloves you need for Clean Room and ESD Control here.  

        • PU Coated Gloves

          PU Coated Carbon ESD Nylon Gloves / White Nylon Gloves  

        • Other Gloves

          Find other types of gloves you need for Clean Room and ESD Control here. 

      • Cleanroom Stationery

         Need Cleanroom and ESD compliant stationery ? We have note book, paper, pens, document foder and arched files to meet you needs here.

    • Packaging Products
      • Cleanroom & ESD Bags

          We are reliable supplier of Static Shielding bag, Moisture Barrier bag, ESD PE bag, etc. Standard and custom made size available.

      • Foam / Tray / Separtor

        Foam, tray, separator product information avalaible at this section. 

      • Tube / Profile

         We are manufacturer of plastic extrusion products such as IC tubes and ESD safe air tubing.

      • Tapes / Silica / Bands

        ESD rubber band, conductive PP band are avaible from us.  

    • Material Handling Products
      • PCB Rack / Magazine Rack

          We carry wide range of PCB rack / magazine products for our customers in PCB / SMT industries.

      • ESD Box / Bin

        Ace Star has ESD safe bin, box in vairous form and shape for material handling purposes in production area.  

      • PVC Curtain / PET Film / Trays

         We have ex-stock ESD Honey Comb Curtain to support the need of our customers.

    • Work Station / Accessories Products
      • Personal Grounding / Grounding Cords /ESD Coating Chemical

          We have full range of Wrist Straps, ESD Grounding Cord for various customer's preference. ESD coating solution / chemical is also available from Ace Star.

      • ESD Mat

        ESD Table Mat is one of our most fast selling ex-stock items. Other type of ESD Mats are also available from Ace Star.

      • Cleanroom / ESD Furniture

         We have the lowest cost ESD Chair in the market. Other items available from us are ESD Cleanroom trolleys and cabinets.

      • ESD Tape

        ESD Clear Tape, PVC Color Tape, Conductive Grid Tape are among the ESD Tapes we offer in our market region.  

      • ESD Tools

          ESD Soldering Station, ESD Vacuum Pick Up, Tweetzer are some of the very common tools used in ESD Protected Area. You could find all of these ESD tools from Ace Star.

      • Mobilon Band

        Mobilon Band Mobilon Band is sulphur free PU band that could prevent corrosion to sensitive electronics parts.

      • RoHS2 ESD Mat

        RoHS2 ESD Table Mat Good quality RoHS2 ESD Table Mat and Anti-Fatigue Mat from reputable Vessel, Japan at cost competitive price. RoHS2 ESD Anti-Fatigue Mat

    • Medical Products
      • Surgical Gowns

        Surgi-Plus Standard GownSurgi-Plus High Performance GownSurgi-Plus High Performance GownSurgi-Plus Reinforced GownSurgi-Plus Impervious Gown Surgi-Plus sterilized disposable surgical gowns are of good quality approved by world renown organization such as FDA (USA) and European MDD (CE Mark).

      • Surgical Drapes

        Surgi-Plus Drapes     Surgi-Plus sterilized disposable surgical drapes is designed with excellent quality to meets different requirements in various surgical procedures. All Surgi-Plus surgical drapes are of certified good quality with approval from FDA (USA) and European MDD (CE Mark) 

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    Services Provided By Ace Star

    • ESD Seminar And Training

      ESD Seminar TrainingAce Star regularly organizes Seminar and Training to keep our customers up to date with latest knowledge in ESD & Cleanroom control.

    • On-Site ESD Test and Audit

      Onsite ESD Test and Audit3rd party ESD Test and Audit is key to ensure proper ESD Control in your facility. Ace Star has provided numerous successful ESD Test and Audit services to our valued customers. 



    • Consultation

      ESD ConsultationOur iNarte certified ESD Specialist provides customers with professional advice for ESD S20.20 compliant and certification program.