• Personal Grounding / Grounding Cords /ESD Coating Chemical

      We have full range of Wrist Straps, ESD Grounding Cord for various customer's preference. ESD coating solution / chemical is also available from Ace Star.

  • ESD Mat

    ESD Table Mat is one of our most fast selling ex-stock items. Other type of ESD Mats are also available from Ace Star.

  • Cleanroom / ESD Furniture

     We have the lowest cost ESD Chair in the market. Other items available from us are ESD Cleanroom trolleys and cabinets.

  • ESD Tape

    ESD Clear Tape, PVC Color Tape, Conductive Grid Tape are among the ESD Tapes we offer in our market region.  

  • ESD Tools

      ESD Soldering Station, ESD Vacuum Pick Up, Tweetzer are some of the very common tools used in ESD Protected Area. You could find all of these ESD tools from Ace Star.

  • Mobilon Band

    Mobilon Band Mobilon Band is sulphur free PU band that could prevent corrosion to sensitive electronics parts.

  • RoHS2 ESD Mat

    RoHS2 ESD Table Mat Good quality RoHS2 ESD Table Mat and Anti-Fatigue Mat from reputable Vessel, Japan at cost competitive price. RoHS2 ESD Anti-Fatigue Mat